Foundation Programme

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The foundation programme provides students with the essential preparation for a smooth transition into any of MU’s bachelor programmes.



MODUL’s Foundation programme offers all students who aspire an opportunity to meet and exceed the crucial preparations for the Undergraduate studies at MODUL University Dubai. The Foundation programme is catered to serve the needs of students who seek to achieve success and excellence in academic performance. MODUL has an efficient, streamlined programme that equips its students with the qualifications demanded by other programmes at MODUL which are consistent with the educational goals of our University and to the rigorous accreditation standards.

Programme Duration

Up to 1 year

Benefits of Foundation Programme

  • Ensures smooth transition from high school to university
  • Prepares students for admissions to join any bachelor’s degree programme at MODUL University Dubai
  • Improves students’ English Language skills to successfully pass the Proficiency Test
  • Equips students with a commonly used language, Arabic or German
  • Develops students' academic learning skills and widens their general knowledge base
  • Discover career pathways that best suits your personality
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Preparatory Programme

Course ID Course Title
ENG 100 English
MAT 100 Mathematics
SOC 100 Social Studies
SCI 100 Science

Foundation Programme

Course ID Course Title
ENG 101 English Language
MAT 101 Business Mathematics
BUS 101 Introduction to Business Administration
ECO 101 Principle of Economics
- Language Course

Student must select one language course

Course ID Course Title
ARB 101 Arabic Language
GER 100 German Language

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Exclusive Study Grants

for GCC and DACH Nationals on Academic Programmes