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Master of Science in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy


Master of Science in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy

The MSc programme in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy (SDMP) invites students from diverse backgrounds to explore sustainability through a multidisciplinary lens. The programme strives to build a high level of expertise among its graduates for analysing conditions and problems related to sustainability and for effective solution design among its graduates to enable them to analyse sustainability-related problems, and come up with creative solutions.


  • Programme curriculum strikes a balance between theory and practical application.
  • Courses take a multidisciplinary approach and draw on a number of different fields including economics, psychology, environmental science, management, law and corporate  governance.
  • Small class sizes provide the optimal environment for learning, and students have opportunities to undertake research projects of individual interest.
  • Broad themes examined in the programme include sustainability metrics and their application in private, public and NGO settings; public policy and governance; environmental management; and economic development in a finite world.

Set yourself apart: Develop a profile as a sustainability professional

  • Multidisciplinary context, unique curriculum, and customised research opportunities
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, collaborative learning, and addressing the 21st-century challenges
  • Exposure to new tools and skills required of managers in a resource-constrained world
  • Small classes taught by leading experts
  • An international, professional and cultural diverse cohort with English as the lingua franca
  • Real-world orientation with a focus on enhancing professional profiles and employability in an important new field

Academic Diversity

Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are welcome in MU's Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy programme. Current SDMP students have backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, IT, and business. The MU admissions team counsels students from non-traditional backgrounds on what courses they might need to take in order to succeed in the MSc programme.

As a sustainability professional you will be

  • Able to master the new cognitive ability required to manage sustainable enterprise
  • Eco-literate
  • A systems thinker
  • Highly emotionally intelligent
  • An agile leadership
  • Transdisciplinary in your approach



2 years (4 semesters)


September 2019

ECTS Credits



Academic year is divided into Fall and Spring Semesters; Master thesis is completed during the second year

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Degree Requirements

Module Required ECTS
Module I Management and Research Fundamentals 30
Module II Sustainable Development and Policy 24
Module III Professional Application of Sustainable Development 18
Module IV Enrichment Courses/Certificate 18
Module V Master Thesis 30
Module VI Internship* (Optional) 6
Total 120
ECTS Points

ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System – ECTS, 87/327/ECC, Official Journal no. L 166 from 25 June 1987, CELEX no. 387D0327) are allocated for each course depending on the student workload. In the schedule of studies, in addition to the numbers of hours, the corresponding ECTS points for each course are allocated.

Each ECTS credit corresponds to 25 working hours for the student.

Tailor your MSc Degree with Certificates

The flexible nature of six unique MSc Certificate tracks gives students the chance to acquire deeper insight into future oriented areas that draw upon MU faculty research strengths.

In order to earn a Certificate, students must complete a combination of Enrichment Courses (totaling 18 ECTS) from one of the below tracks. Students who do not want to pursue a certificate have the option to choose Enrichment Courses from all six specialization fields.

Earning a Certificate gives you a competitive edge in global business and helps develop sought-after management and leadership skills to shape your future career

Advanced Management

Adding a Certificate in Advanced Management is a powerful way to personalize your learning experience and prepare yourself for a management position

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Advanced Management

Business Development

This certificate equips you with the knowledge and skills to succeed as responsible business leaders in all sectors.

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Business Development

Future woman with high tech smart glasses concept-976151-edited.jpeg

This certificate offers students the opportunity to gain some further insights into how to create exceptional tourist experiences.

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Innovation and Design for Tourism

Real Estate Management and Hotel Development

This certificate is designed to deliver students with the essentials in economics, investment, valuation, law, planning, development and management of properties.

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Real Estate Management and Hotel Development

Tourism and Service Management

For those looking to specialize their learning towards Tourism and Service Management, this certificate provides you with in-depth subject knowledge of the services sectors

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Tourism and Service Management

Career Opportunities


other NGOs


Universities and
Research Organisations


Ministries, governmental entities and chambers of Commerce and Industry


Private and government organisation geared towards sustainability and governance


UAE's vision 2021 positioning as a hub of research and innovation and sustainable energy


44% UAE Renewable Energy
sector jobs by 2030

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