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Certificate in Real Estate Management and Hotel Development


Real Estate Management and Hotel Development

This certificate is designed to deliver students with the essentials in economics, investment, valuation, law, planning, development and management of properties. It builds on interactions in the dynamic and complex real estate market where our graduates will be able to create intelligent and sustainable urban environments. This comprehensive program goes beyond conventional subjects and relates them to the context of cities and regions and the impact of development on those.


Hospitality, being highest tier of real estate is a core element in this specialization. Students will gain an appreciation of the process in property transaction such as development and investment funding. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to quickly and effectively contribute to the success of their company. This allows students to become leaders that think creatively and understand the impact of development processes.

Benefits of this certificate

Offered as an additional qualification to all Master of Science programs for 2018/19 the Certificate in Real Estate Management and Hotel Development provides a customizable and efficient opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and personal network.



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September 2019

ECTS Credits



Academic year is divided into Fall and Spring Semesters; Master thesis is completed during the second year

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Degree Requirements

Module Required ECTS
Module I Management and Research Fundamentals 30
Module II Sustainable Development and Policy 24
Module III Professional Application of Sustainable Development 18
Module IV Enrichment Courses/Certificate 18
Module V Master Thesis 30
Module VI Internship* (Optional) 6
Total 120
ECTS Points

ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System – ECTS, 87/327/ECC, Official Journal no. L 166 from 25 June 1987, CELEX no. 387D0327) are allocated for each course depending on the student workload. In the schedule of studies, in addition to the numbers of hours, the corresponding ECTS points for each course are allocated.

Each ECTS credit corresponds to 25 working hours for the student.

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