Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a part-time program designed especially for industry professionals wanting to advance their careers.

General MBA / Overview

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a part-time programme designed especially for industry professionals wanting to advance their careers.

It concentrates on strategic analysis and planning, interdisciplinary skills, value-based management, and critical thinking.

Students will advance their knowledge in core business disciplines including human resource management, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, marketing and operations, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Out-of-the-box thinking challenges existing limits and thought patterns.

Core Modules

Module 1 Managing People and Organizations
Module 2 Marketing and Innovation
Module 3 Quantitative and Economic Analysis
Module 4 Master Thesis
Module 5 Enrichment

Course Structure

Blocked courses taking place once a month on 2-4 consecutive weekdays and weekends. Courses involve two days of interactive seminars led by internationally recognized scholars.

  1. Preparation Phase - 2 weeks - e-learning
    Working independently with provided course material to familiarize yourself with the subject
  2. On-campus Seminars - 2 or 4 days each month - MU Campus Dubai
    Two courses per session, each consisting of two consecutive days of seminars (Attendance 2 or 4 days depending on choice of courses)
  3. Follow up Phase - 2 weeks - e-learning
    Working individually or in a group on a final assignment or project



18 months


4 days classes in a month. Block studies.


September 2018

Study an MBA at MODUL University Dubai

  • Part-time 
  • Start studying anytime of the year
  • Two to four days on campus once a month, depending on course choices
  • Courses are taught in English
  • Majors available for specialization
  • Minimum study time of 18 months

Enrichment Courses

Enrichment courses are offered in the fields of:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership
  • New Media and Information Management
  • Tourism and Hotel Development

Choice of Majors

Expand your horizons with the option to double major with MODUL's Postgraduate degrees. The Master of Business Administration offers students the choice to major in: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership, New Media and Information Management or Tourism and Hotel Development


Choice of Majors


Growing businesses need to adapt to environmental and technological changes. This major will prepare students for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s dynamic climate.

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MBA with a Major in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership


MBA with a major in Tourism and Hotel Development offers a unique experience for students who want to combine traditional business subjects with understanding and training...

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MBA with a Major in Tourism & Hotel Development


A special focus on the radical transformation of communication and cooperation processes through new media, both within and across organisations.

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MBA with a Major in New Media & Information Management

Career Opportunities


Unlimited Job Opportunities


Better Career Advancement Opportunities


Industry Career Shift


Increased earning potential


Higher Credibility & Expertise


Building A Robust Professional Network

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