Bespoke Training by MODUL


Bespoke Training by MODUL


We believe that training is at its best when it is interactive, bespoke and relevant. We strive to instil these principles into every workshop we design and deliver.

Our Offering - Bespoke Training


Throughout our academic education whether through high school or university we learn a set of theoretical and technical tools that will assist us in our personal and professional growth. Whether someone studies Mechanical Engineering or Business Administration there are certain tools that are usually left out.

These attributes are what we refer to as the Soft Skills which help us understand and work with a variety of colleagues across numerous locations. Topics such as how do you convince someone to buy your product or persuade your team that you have a solid marketing strategy.

Your body posture and tone of voice could be critical when making a demanding presentation but as mentioned we are usually not taught this in university. Even in our careers it is not common that someone at work will show you the ‘perfect presentation or perfect sales pitch’, especially in a demanding and competitive environment. Hence why at Modul the workshops that we offer in our Soft Skills domain evaluate the skills that will give individuals and groups the perfect edge. Whether they are in automotive or in retail these tools can be customized and applied to various industries.


The Art of Public Speaking


Report & Business Writing


Business Etiquette in the UAE


Sales Moving Forward


Stress: Act Rather than React


As the concept and even the name of HR changes over time it is vital that the HR team is updated on current trends. Whether it is new training requirements that have gained popularity or simply making sure that the employees are content with their work. At MODUL we like to venture into Team Building which is essential for every department especially in a multi-cultural environment such as Dubai.

Another key topic is Managing and Leading People which will introduce and elaborate on the industry workforce and challenges HR managers are facing in today’s environments.


Team Building


Managing & Leading People


The finance module will introduce you to analytical techniques that are essential to taking control of real world accounting systems and managing finance towards increased profits effectively. In finance learning the fundamentals of the controlling function inside an organization is vital for turning a static organization into a dynamic and learning organization.

Trainees will evaluate the role of a controller as well as its effects/benefits for the organization. Crucial areas such as Key Characteristics of Financial Management, Forecasting, Capital Budgeting.

Last, but not least all three courses include governance and ethical considerations in finance. Whether you are recently new to finance or have an extensive background there are always trending matters which our trainers address during each workshop.


Management in Accounting in Hospitality


Financial Control in Hospitality


Financial Management in Hospitality


Developing a strategic marketing plan, preferably for the participants own organization includes a situation analysis, setting of objectives as well as developing strategies to achieve those objectives. As such the marketing modules include the tasks of developing a positioning statement as well as the planning for execution.

Trainees will learn about segmenting, targeting and positioning (STP-marketing) a brand or organization. Furthermore, the trainer will explore the instrumental strategies such as product-, price-, place- and promotion policy. At the end of the day the entire marketing effort goes into acquiring new, retaining existing and recovering lost customers. The variety of tools and applications available to perform these task, call for an integrated marketing approach.

As such, participants in the module will learn of how to plan, execute and control campaigns for acquiring new customers, retaining existing and recovering lost ones.


Strategic Marketing Planning


Revenue Management & E-commerce


Customer satisfaction is a key requirement to retain customers, generate positive word of mouth and thereby increase revenues and profitability. Usually superior customer service is compared to 5 star hotels or at least in the hospitality sector. However is not as essential to have this 5-star customer service in other industries as well? For example, Dubai has a continuous plan to place itself as a regional and global hub for Medical Tourism. Is it not imperative that the receptionists but also nurses, doctors and so forth also apply the additional factor which in hotels is referred to the touch of hospitality?

Understanding tourist trends is not just a concern for restaurants and hotels but also for the clinics, event organizers, retail outlets and many more providers that work with customers on a regular basis. At Modul we established a number of workshops that will engage service providers with a tailored approach that will evaluate your training needs so that your team can elevate your customer service and set a competitive edge in the market.


Quality & Customer Service Management


Hospitality Management Essentials


Tourist Behaviour & Market Information Systems


Guest Service & Complaint Management


Managing Tourism & Destination Management

Our Training Philosophy

Our workshops are a mixture of input from a subject area expert and practical, interactive exercises.
In order to ensure that the organisation gains the maximum possible benefit from the programme, each workshop will be tailored to the working environment and practices of the organisation.
Any workshop designed exclusively for an organisation must take account of their working environment. We will ensure that our trainers are fully briefed not only on the organisational aims, but also on the environment in which its staff operate.



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