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    Project Management, Planning and Investing Category

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    Project Management, Planning and Investing COURSES


    Project Management

    This module focuses on developing the understanding of the key concepts and principles of methods and instruments for a structured planning of a project according to an international standardized methodology (IPMA – International Project Management Association). The use of this instruments lead to a better basis for controlling a project and bring it to a successful end.

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • Understand the key concepts, principles of methods and instruments for a structured planning of a project according to an international standardized methodology (IPMA – International Project Management Association)
    • Learn and compare key global approaches to project management
    • Implement distribution of tasks in projects
    • Comprehend risk management in projects
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    Business Planning and Intellectual Property Rights

    Topic A

    • Financial Environment
    • Development of a Business Model
    • Creation of a Business Plan
    • Presentation of a Business Model
    • Preparation for funding

    Topic B

    • Definition of New Media and legal terminology
    • Purpose of IP Rights and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Specific IP-rights (e.g. trademark law, patent law, copyright law, etc.)
    • Contractual basics (Transfer of IP-rights, Legal basics for IP and license contracts, Negotiations)

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • Understand critical success factors for the development of a Business Model
    • Know how to create a Business Plan
    • Learn how to present a Business Model to relevant parties of the financial community in order to raise funds
    • Identify diverse IP Rights and their scope in the field of New Media
    • Develop know-how with regards to IP and license contracts and the commercial/legal value of IP rights for a Business Model/Plan
    • Learn more about the options and methods regarding contracts and procurement negotiations for software development projects in a start-up environment
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    Managing Start-ups

    By 2022, start-ups in the MENA region are set to attract US$2.5 billion in deals, according to a new study by MENA Research Partners (MRP). Of the top 50 most promising startups, 28 have raised a minimum of $1 million for a total of at least $160 million from venture firms, corporate venture arms and angel investors. This August MODUL University is offering you the opportunity to gain insight in managing start-ups 


    Learning Outcomes

    • The background to the skills & ecosystem conditions underpinning start-up success
    • Expertise vs experimentation
    • Innovation (disruptive, open) vs invention
    • Lean vs highly geared start-up
    • Rebounding and learning from failure. Serial entrepreneurship
    • Social impact & impact investing
    • VCs, Fund Managers, markets

    Financing New Ventures

    Many entrepreneurs in the UAE will tell you that the critical most requirement to upscale their business is ‘finance. While sourcing finance in the early stages of growth is essential it is not always simple in understanding the difference between various finance options.


    Learning New Outcomes

    • Recognize the range of alternative funding sources to new ventures and alternative investor strategies. With a particular focus on the expected rate of growth for different types of products and markets as well as the different type of investor most appropriate for the different growth phases of a company
    • Venture capital, angel funds, loans, state support, crowd funding
    • FFF: Friends, Fools and Family. Personal guarantees and the risks of failure
    • Cash flow and growth
    • Ticket size and planning for VC exit
    • Funding across stages and public offerings

    Creating Positive Impact in Investing and Finance

    The primary aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of responsible and positive impact investing and finance and thus how to avoid negative environmental and social impacts or generate solutions to potential negative consequences of investing and finance.
    The focus is on raising awareness on environmental and social impacts in investment and finance based on prevailing global standards such as from the UN, World Bank, the IFC, the Equator principles and related guidelines for investing.

    Learning outcomes from the course:

    • Understand the rationale and impact of responsible financing approaches
    • Understand the rationale and impact of responsible investment models
    • Demonstrate or develop structuring skills for responsible investment and finance
    • Develop an attitude of a reflective practitioner in finance
    • Demonstrate risk management skills based on a PESTO context factor approach
    • Diagnose positive and negative impacts in investing and finance
    • Demonstrate independent thinking and exploration skills for impact identification, assessment, management and holistic value creation
    • Demonstrate understanding of the influencing factors of impacts (external) and corporate culture/governance (internal), value statements, organizational structures and strategy
    • Utilize and apply International Standards, Models and Management skills in responsible finance
    • Understand approaches and guidelines to responsible investing and providing capital to entrepreneurs
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