BSc Major in Advanced International Management


Bachelors of Science in International Management - Major in Advanced International Management

Major in Advanced International Management

Culture, language, political systems, geography and socio-economic factors all influence business practices. You will gain in-depth knowledge of a wide range of aspects of international businesses including management ethics, finance and taxation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and strategic management. Combined with a focus on research and analytical skills, this programme provides a strong foundation and career placement in leading institutions worldwide.


The challenges of conducting business in an international environment are manifold and the Bachelor of Science in International Management with a major in Advanced International Management is designed to provide the necessary breadth of business and management acumen for graduates to face complex problems in a variety of business contexts.

New business models emerge, the role of customers in co-creating products, services and experiences increases, the emergence of the sharing economy has experts question the sustainability of a growth paradigm which is based on consumption. The business leaders, forward thinkers and managers of tomorrow need to be able to continuously question current practice, and be able to creatively and innovatively react to changes in the international business environment.

*Title of degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in International Manage



The standard programme duration is 3 years spread over 6 regular semesters. Depending on the number of courses attempted per semester, course planning and selection, students may complete the programme within the standard programme duration of 3 academic years or within extended programme duration of 4 academic years subject to obtaining prior approval. Please approach the University admission department for further information.


September 2018

Choice of Majors

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