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BSc... Major in Interactive Marketing


Bachelors of Science in International Management - Major in Interactive Marketing

Major in Interactive Marketing

The major in Interactive marketing allows business leaders to know what online channels are, where a target audience can be found, as well as what data and tools are at their disposal to reach a specific target group and evaluate the impact of marketing efforts across channels to promote brands, products and services.


  • Introduce the broad means available to today's online businesses to: promote their brands, goods and services, assess and manage their identity and reputation, acquire and retain customers through active marketing efforts, coordinate marketing activities across channels, create a community and involve users in feedback and co-creation as well as measure their interactive marketing strategy success.
  • Prepares students for the future world of online marketing and advertising, which today already proves to be much broader than just traditional marketing activities being transferred online.
  • The future business leader will need to know what online channels are available, in which channels their customers and their audience can be found, as well as what data and tools are at their disposal to both reach a specific target group (content creation, distribution, engagement) as well as evaluate the impact of marketing efforts across channels (monitoring, analytics, information visualization).
  • Offer students the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art tools and learn how marketing activities can be set up, executed, monitored, optimized and evaluated in a practical learning environment.
  • In a world where businesses still struggle to find graduates skilled in the latest online technologies and channels for their marketing and communication departments, this specialization provides the necessary skillset to set up and lead successful online marketing and communication efforts.

    *Title of degree awarded: Bachelor of Science in International Management



The standard programme duration is 3 years spread over 6 regular semesters. Depending on the number of courses attempted per semester, course planning and selection, students may complete the programme within the standard programme duration of 3 academic years or within an extended programme duration of 4 academic years subject to obtaining prior approval. Please approach the University admission department for further information.


September 2019


Expand your horizons with the option to double major with MODUL's Undergraduate degrees. The Bachelor of Science offers students the choice to major in: Interactive Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Governance or Advanced International Management. 

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Degree Requirements

Module Required ECTS
I Business Administration 54
II Information Management 06
III Quantitative Methods 18
IV Economics and Financial Management 20
V Law 08
VI Communication Skills 12
VII International Management 18
VIII Major Courses 16
IX Principles of Science 8
X Bachelor Thesis 20
Total 180
ECTS Points

ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System – ECTS, 87/327/ECC, Official Journal no. L 166 from 25 June 1987, CELEX no. 387D0327) are allocated for each course depending on the student workload. In the schedule of studies, in addition to the numbers of hours, the corresponding ECTS points for each course are allocated.

Each ECTS credit corresponds to 25 working hours for the student.

Choice of Majors


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Career Opportunities


Digital Media Management


Social Media Management


Data Analytics


Brand Management


Marketing Management


Business Development

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