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Internships by MODUL

Internships by MODUL

Internships by MODUL


The first programme to pre-train and place students at guaranteed paid internships at the UAE's leading institutions. All high school and university students can enrol for a pre-internship training by MODUL to prepare them for their internship placements at leading institutions.


Internships by MODUL is the first of its kind internship career-placement initiative that trains candidates for their upcoming internship opportunities.

Our Internships training programme was formulated after considering the experiences required by the high-school graduates and university students. Developed with our renowned faculty and trainers and taking into account the success pillars students will need in their future internship and workplace; Internships by MODUL caters to the preparatory training for students and equips them with the necessary skills to excel in their internships and to guarantee full-time employment after graduation.

Why Enrol in Internships by MODUL?

  • Learn to set your goals & learning objectives for your internship experience
  • Understand & learn how to become a winning Intern
  • Discover corporate culture & how to fit in
  • Develop the perfect business etiquette
  • Gain practice on how to market yourself
  • Learn how to enhance your CV / resume


The students will be assessed via exams and presentations. Both exams and presentations will cover all material presented during the course. In addition, the students are expected to participate and complete all tasks and objectives in class group assignments. A grade of 70% is required to pass the pre-internship training. Students who achieve 90% and above are eligible for special grants to MODUL’s academic programmes.

Internships Programme Details


4 Days, 4 Hours Per Day (20 Hours Total)

Dates of Classes

To be confirmed

Certificate of Completion

Issued by MODUL University Dubai


MODUL University Dubai Campus, ONE JLT

Course Fees

Contact MODUL for Cost and Registeration Fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • Fluent in English language
  • Currently a final year high school student



Learning Outcomes

Internships by MODUL, pre-trains students and enables them to:

  • Understand what employers are seeking in interns & future graduate for full-time employment opportunities
  • Understand corporate culture & business etiquette
  • Discover the skills needed for effective work-place integration
  • Learn about your personal strengths & opportunities for improvements


Helps students to acquire the following:

  • Understand the top soft interpersonal & practical skills valued by your employer
  • Gain practice on how to achieve concise & clear writing skills
  • Discover how to build your professional credentials & add to your CV (Resume)
  • Learn how to use Microsoft office products effectively & efficiently to complete your work responsibilities
  • Improve your search skills to perform effective investigation
  • Learn how to create a SMART goal
  • Find your strengths and weakness & create an elevator pitch
  • Develop & practice critical thinking skills


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