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MODUL University Dubai is the first internationally accredited Austrian university in the Middle East

Founded on the 20th October 1908, the MODUL brand stands for more than 100 years of excellence in education. The renowned MODUL Tourism College, the forerunner of MODUL University, possesses the world’s longest tradition in tourism & hospitality education.

Tuition Fees For Academic Programmes

The total fees* for all study programmes are listed in the table below by category for the current Academic Year. Tuition, administrative and other fees are mandatory to be paid by the student unless otherwise noted before the start of each academic semester.

Payment Plan

Payments must be made every semester, before the beginning of each semester. Every admitted student will receive an individual payment plan together with the admission documents where potential scholarships and reductions may be applied**. Tuition fee refers to cost of classroom study only (does not include housing and some reading materials.

*All fees are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).T&C Apply
**Scholarships and Grants are available – scroll down to learn more. T&C Apply.
**Payment plans and instalments are available upon request and subject to Terms and Conditions. T&C Apply.

Tuition Fees at MODUL University Dubai

Programmes Duration Next Intake Fee Per Semester(AED) Fee Per Semester(USD) Total Fee(AED) Total Fee(USD)
Foundation   1 Year  September 2018  20,185  5,500  40,370  11,000

 BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Choose to major in Hotel Management or Tourism Management or Event Management

 3 Years  September 2018  25,690  7,000  154,140  42,000

BSc in International Management

Choose to major in Advanced International Management or Interactive Marketing or Entrepreneurship & Governance

 3 Years  September 2018  26,913  7,333  161,480  44,000

Master of Business Administration

Choose to major in New Media & Information Management or Tourism and Hotel Development and Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership

 18 Months  September 2018  32,418  8,833 97,255 26,500**
MSc in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy  2 Years  September 2017  20,644  5,625  82,575  22,500

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Amount (USD) Applies To Description
Registration Fee 500 All Applicants Registration Fee is a one-time, mandatory and non-refundable fee for all applicants of MODUL University Dubai. This fee includes processing of your application and admission to MODUL Dubai
Visa Fee 1,500 International Applicants Visa fee applies to all international applicants (non- residents of UAE) require a Student Visa to stay and study in the UAE.
Visa Deposit Fee 750 International Applicants  Visa Deposit Fee applies to all international applicants (non- residents of UAE) require a Student Visa to stay and study in the UAE. 
Insurance Fee 545 International Applicants Insurance Fee applies to all international applicants (non- residents of UAE) those who require visa from MODUL University.
Visa Fee (Renewal) 500 International Applicants Visa Renewal Fee applies to all international applicants (non-residents of UAE) who holds MODUL Dubai student visa. It is mandatory to renew your visa status every year until your graduation.Need to apply 1 month before the expiry of your student visa
MODULian Card Fee 137/(per semester and non-refundable) All Applicants MODUL University Dubai is committed to providing a first-class learning environment to its students. To facilitate this, a fee of AED 500 per semester per student applies. The MODULian Card covers services and activities including, but not limited to, services related to the physical and psychological health and well-being of students, social, recreational, sports and cultural activities; services related to campus life and campus community, corporate discounts at selected hotels and restaurants, study grants on selected non-credit bearing courses, and career support. The MODULian Card fee must be paid together with the visa fee. Please contact Student Services Department for further information on the benefits of the MODULian Card.

Installment Plans

Driven by MODUL’S commitment to investing in the future of its students and offering a holistic educational journey that help them gear up to take on the real world, MODUL University Dubai offers an installment plan.

The installment plan is available for UAE citizens and residents at no added cost.

With the installment plan the Tuition fee can be paid in four installments per semester, the student must provide locally issued postdated cheques along with other supporting documents.

For more information, please email or call +971 52 646 1870



Starting from 1st January 2018, the UAE Government will be introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) at a standard rate of 5% applicable to most goods and services in the UAE. This tax is being introduced as part of the national strategy towards building a diversified and robust economy, and the continued provision of high quality services for the country’s citizens and residents. MODUL University Dubai will comply with this Government mandate and from 1st January, the standard VAT rate of 5% will apply to our programmes, courses, products and services. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks.

*All fees are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).

Early Enrollment and Study Grants

MODUL Early Enrollment


Enrol before May 30 to avail an exclusive study grants. Enquire now by form below to learn more.

Continuation of the Study Grant in the second year will be awarded purely based on academic performance. An aggregate of 80% and above must be achieved in order to maintain the scholarship for subsequent academic years.

MODUL Emirati Grant


MODUL University Dubai enables Emirati students to receive quality European education in the heart of Dubai. Emirati students receive a 15% study grant the entire programme, across all academic programmes.

MODUL Austrian Nationals Grant


Austrian Nationals receive a 15% study grant on the entire program, across all academic programs

MODUL Alumni Grant


Students who have studied and successfully completed an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate programme previously at MODUL University on an will receive a 15% study grant for pursuing their next higher education degree with MODUL University Dubai on the entire programme, across all academic programmes.

Family Grant


Students who study along with their siblings or spouses and are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs as full time students will receive a 15% study grant on the entire program 

MODUL Sports Grant


Students who have participated in any sport at the international or national level will receive a 15% study grant on the entire programme, across all academic programmes.

(The grant will be awarded based on the decision of the University after document evaluation).

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