MODUL University Dubai is an international organisation for research and education offering a wide array of programmes (BBA, BSc, MBA, MSc) in international management, new media technology, tourism and hospitality, public governance and sustainability development.

Additionally, MODUL University offers a foundation programme for aspiring students who require the essential preparation for a smooth transition into any of MODUL’s bachelor programmes.

MODUL University has a strong academic foundation along with the commitment to sustainability and innovation, which are key drivers of long-term success.

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Modul University Dubai

Expanding Horizons

Our Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Management

Programme Goals:
  • Equip students with the skills to meet the needs of global business and teaches managerial decision-making in the context of different cultural requirements
  • Tackle managerial questions built on recent research and attuned to future economy needs
  • Integrate managerial disciplines with several courses on financial economy, which provide students with a solid foundation for positions in the financial and banking sector
  • Prepare students for entering master level programmes offered by leading international universities

Duration: 3 years / 6 semesters
Intake: September 2017

Expand your horizons with the option to double major with MODUL's Undergraduate degrees

The Bachelor of Science in International Management offers students the choice of one or more majors in Interactive Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Governance or Advanced International Management. *

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management

Major in Interactive Marketing

The focus of the major in Interactive Marketing* prepares students for the future world of online marketing and advertising, which today already proves to be much broader than just traditional marketing activities being transferred online. The future business leader will need to know what online channels are available, in which channels their customers and their audience can be found, as well as what data and tools are at their disposal to both reach a specific target group (content creation, distribution, engagement) as well as evaluate the impact of marketing efforts across channels (monitoring, analytics, information visualization).

This specialization will introduce the broad means available to today's online businesses to: promote their brands, goods and services, assess and manage their identity and reputation, acquire and retain customers through active marketing efforts, coordinate marketing activities across channels, create a community and involve users in feedback and co-creation as well as measure their interactive marketing strategy success. It will offer students the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art tools and learn how marketing activities can be set up, executed, monitored, optimized and evaluated in a practical learning environment. By continually updating the courses, we ensure our students will always be informed of the latest technologies and channels available to interactive marketers. In a world where businesses still struggle to find graduates skilled in the latest online technologies and channels for their marketing and communication departments, this specialization provides the necessary skillset to set up and lead successful online marketing and communication efforts.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management

Major in Entrepreneurship and Governance

Entrepreneurial activities take place within a wider institutional environment, in which a range of public, private and societal institutions progressively shape the economy and society. Successful managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow need to be able to identify those institutional environments that best facilitate innovation and encourage market competitiveness. In addition, managers should recognize opportunities to influence and collaborate with public, economic, and corporate governance institutions to benefit their own entrepreneurial activities.

The major in Entrepreneurship and Governance* introduces the various governance actors, their power relations, interactions and social ties, and shows you how they are connected to entrepreneurial activities. Key questions will focus on institutional frameworks across the stages of business development, from early stage start-up activities to more established businesses. The program encompasses topics including collaboration, new types of incubators, infrastructure, R&D and innovation. Students will gather skills both for their own entrepreneurial interest as well as for management positions in larger businesses.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management

Major in Advanced International Management

The challenges of conducting business in an international environment are manifold and the Bachelor of Science in International Management is designed to provide the necessary breadth of business and management acumen for graduates to face complex problems in a variety of business contexts. Culture, language, political systems, geography and socio-economic factors all influence business practice. The rapid advances in technology has led to economies without borders, and they continue to have profound effects on business operations. New business models emerge, the role of customers in co-creating products, services and experiences increases, the emergence of the sharing economy has experts question the sustainability of a growth paradigm which is based on consumption. The business leaders, forward thinkers and managers of tomorrow need to be able to continuously question current practice, and be able to creatively and innovatively react to changes in the international business environment.

The study of international management is designed to expose students to a wide range of aspects relevant for international businesses, including management ethics, finance and taxation, entrepreneurship and innovation and strategic management. Combined with a focus on research and analytical skills, this program provides a strong foundation for specialized master programs offered by leading national and international business schools.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management

Admission Criteria

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in International Management from MODUL University Dubai prepares graduates for a wide range of public and private international business environments, such as:


Bank and Investment Organisations




Governments and International Institutions

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Business and Financial Analysis

Scholarships & Study Grants

Academic Scholarships*

Programme Coverage High School Grade Continuation to next year
Undergraduate Programme 50% - First Year 90% and above CGPA greater than or equal to 90%
Undergraduate Programme 25% - First Year Between 80% and 89.99% CGPA between 80% and 89.99%
* Academic Scholarships apply only against eligible curricula. Kindly contact your admissions officer for more information.

Tuition Fee Grants - Undergraduate Programmes*

Grant Type Coverage Eligibility Criteria
Emiratis Grant 15% - Entire Programme UAE Nationals
Austrian Nationals Grant 15% - Entire Programme Austrian Nationals
Alumni Grant 15% - Entire Programme MODUL University Graduate
Family Grant 15% - Entire Programme Siblings / Spouse
Sports Grant 15% - Entire Programme Participant of a national or international sports team
Advanced Payment Grant 15% - Per Year Advance an entire year’s tuition fee
* Tuition Fee Grants are non-combinable

Career Opportunities


Bank and Investment Organisations


Governments and International Institutions

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Business and Financial Analysis




70 Nationalities across all academic programmes


64% International bachelor
student body

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