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Posted by Prof. Dr. Oliver Loisel on 20/03/19 14:18

Here are five steps you can follow that will help ensure that your business idea becomes an actual business.

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Blockchain technology reflects on cutting-edge business models

Posted by Prof. Dr. Oliver Loisel on 06/03/19 10:33

 Business Model

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Why is Education the investment worth making today?

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 27/09/18 10:57

The world we live in today will be different tomorrow, and the single most critical challenge for any professional and business alike shall remain on how to successfully build human capacities while delivering brand experiences, retaining customer, and sustaining growth.

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Why education for sustainable development is more important than ever

Posted by Jeremy B Williams on 12/08/18 15:12

People talk a lot these days about the importance of digital literacy and how it is essential if an individual is to fully participate in the knowledge economy. (Indeed, I am one of these people.) Far fewer people talk about the importance of ecological literacy but this, too, is one of the critical 21st century skills.

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How to Use UAE Public Transportation

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 08/08/18 15:29

The UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is a fascinating country that welcomes people from all countries and communities. In today’s world public transportation is the perfect option to travel. Below are some popular mode of transportation in UAE that one should be aware of while travelling.

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Using classroom lecture time effectively

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 29/07/18 09:00

Classroom lecture time is very valuable and it is essential to make use of it in the most effective way possible. People tend to lose focus during a long day of class, however there are a multitude of different methods of making the most of your time in lectures. I have therefore created a list of tips that will get you on your way to being much more productive during your lectures.

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How to study for an Exam

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 23/07/18 13:33

Supposedly you’re reading this article hoping to gain something useful from it, and fortunately for you I can point you in the right direction.  There are a number of things you can do to perform as you’d wish in your exams, but if there is anything in your everyday routine that you are able to replace for devoting time to your exams then, for the time being, you should. The best time to start studying is at least two months before exams.

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Millennial or Digital Native Student?

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 22/07/18 16:29

We are taught how to think and shown what to see. Where then is our ability to know life as we want it to be? Living in the 21st century I sometimes ask that question to myself. Wondering my capabilities or existence in this era of technological revolution. We are the future of the world but at the same time, the most underestimated of all. The current generation is living in a world of infinite possibilities then why not break the barriers and flourish in one’s own innovative ideas and lead life as we want it to be? During the prehistoric proceedings, mankind evolved from the ape of the animal kingdom but what’s next? Flying cars or Functional Robots? Cardboard Monopoly or Skipping ropes?

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Economic Stability and Growth in the UAE

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 11/07/18 10:11

One decade after the global financial crisis, the global economic recovery is finally underway. However, the uncertainty of the macro environment is growing due to major geopolitical, economic and cyber-security risks. Doing business in today’s complex and interconnected global marketplace has never been more challenging.  This is especially the case of many emerging economies highly integrated into the global economy such as the UAE.

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How to make friends in school and university

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 11/07/18 09:54

A common issue which we all have is that we aren’t really sure of how to make friends and how to fit in a social life. There are some basic steps on how to make friends, it might seem simplistic but there is a lot to each point. People often struggle with social lives. we need to find the best possible ways that can help us to know how to make friends at schools and university:

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