Economic Stability and Growth in the UAE

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 11/07/18 10:11

One decade after the global financial crisis, the global economic recovery is finally underway. However, the uncertainty of the macro environment is growing due to major geopolitical, economic and cybersecurity risks. Doing business in today’s complex and interconnected global marketplace has never been more challenging.  This is especially the case of many emerging economies highly integrated into the global economy such as the UAE.

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How to make friends in school and university

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 11/07/18 09:54

A common issue which we all have is that we aren’t really sure of how to make friends and how to fit in a social life. There are some basic steps on how to make might seem simplistic but there is a lot to each point. People often struggle with social lives. we need to find the best possible ways that can help us to know how to make friends at schools and university:

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