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Using classroom lecture time effectively

Date Published: 29 July 2018

Author: Alex Rantala & John Basug

This blog was written by one of MODUL's Interns using their own words, ideas and writing style. 


Alex and John recommend attempting and implementing the tips below to help you become a more efficient and effective learner. 

Classroom lecture time is very valuable and it is essential to make use of it in the most effective way possible. People tend to lose focus during a long day of class, however there are a multitude of different methods of making the most of your time in lectures. I have therefore created a list of tips that will get you on your way to being much more productive during your lectures.

1- Sit at the front of the class

If you are given the opportunity to choose your seat, make sure to take one in the front row. Seats further to the front of the class, on average, get higher percentages on their exams. Furthermore, you will be able to see the board better and hear the teacher more clearly, while also limiting distractions, consequently improving focus and concentration.

2- Handwrite your notes

Using a laptop creates the risk of online distractions which will greatly impact your efficiency while in the classroom. However, when laptops are only used for note taking they are still found to be less effective. This is because many people in this digital generation have high typing speeds, which allows them to write almost all of what the teacher is saying, whereas with handwritten notes people are unable to do this, therefore forcing their brain to process the information and rewrite it in a shortened and more understandable manor.

 3- Drink 8 glasses of water everyday

According to CBS Miami (https://goo.gl/fk6Rtp) 75% of people could be in chronic dehydration, even when you don’t think you are. Your brains overall mental processing power degrades as you get more dehydrated, which reduces your ability to understand the information told during lectures. To combat this, it is recommended to bring a bottle of water everywhere you go and to drink before you feel thirsty.

 4- Sleep 8 hours a night, every night

Few students consistently achieve 8 hours of sleep despite the lack of sleep having a detrimental effect on your wellbeing in addition to how effectively your brain operates. If you get enough sleep you will be able to learn faster and be more focused while also improving your memory.

 5- Take selective notes

Writing down everything you hear is not only difficult and time consuming but it also defeats the purpose of ‘notes’. Having dozens of pages of meaningless information makes studying a nightmare, only taking down key information is the recommended method. Moreover, when you are just focusing on writing everything you hear down, you tend to lose focus and will find it difficult to retain a good amount of information.

 Overall, focus and drive are the two main factors of being efficient during class, many of my tips are used to maximize these two attributes. I recommend attempting and implementing these tips into your daily life to make you a more efficient and effective learner. 

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 29/07/18 09:00

Alex Rantala & John Basug

Intern at MODUL University Dubai

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