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The Centre for Sustainability through Research and Education (CSRE), is a full-integrates Research Centre within MODUL University Dubai, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC. Applied research constitutes a central pillar of CSRE’s approach to bridging the skill-set and knowledge-gap between academic, institutions and society at large. As a research oriented institution, MODUL University and its fully-integrated CSRE utilize the methodological and corporate competence of its faculty researchers and consultants and is thus considered the main driver for success for society at large. MODUL University Dubai has also been nominated as the official partner of the Hamdan Centre for the Future of Investment – a global initiative under the umbrella of Dubai FDI that aims to promote the contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to sustainable development. MODUL is the only higher education and CSRE as a research institution to partner the initiative.

Practice-oriented Academic Research

CSRE, MODUL’s fully-integrated  University Dubai and the  seeks to overcome the institutionalized separation between basic research, which is dedicated to producing knowledge without regard to its usability, and applied research, which is carried out with a conscious view on its direct applicability in our daily lives.




CSRE, MODUL’s fully-integrated Research Centre seeks to overcome the institutionalized separation between basic research, which is dedicated to producing knowledge without regard to its usability, and applied research, which is carried out with a conscious view on its direct applicability in our daily lives.

Applied research constitutes a central pillar of CSRE’s approach to bridging the skill-set and knowledge-gap between academic, institutions and society at large.

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Key Value Drivers for Sustainable Restaurant Business Models – Robert Suga (abstract) (full text)

Evaluation of personnel’s brand involvement in a private university setting: The case of MODUL University Vienna – Katharina Reichmann (abstract) (full text)

`Greenwashing`: deceptive Business Claims of Ecological-Friendly Marketing Strategies of Different Airlines in the Star Alliance Group – Hannah Kermer (abstract) (full text)

Generation Y travelers' hotel consideration: The impact of travel mode and reference room price – Louisa von Oertzen (abstract) (full text)

Employed Technological Trends for Enhancing the Tourist Experience in Vienna: A Benchmark Approach - Isabella Postl (abstract) (full text)

Perceived importance of destination card offerings in the eyes of young travelers - Yick Ting So (abstract) (full text)

Vienna Calling, Vienna Controlling: Crowd Management Dealing with Visitor Growth – Yasmin Taga (abstract) (full text)

The Motivations of Airbnb Hosts and the Effects on their Lives - Ludmila Tibulschi (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Stock Prices of Consumer Electronics Market - Selin Üzelgecici (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing the potential for developing luxury tourism in Bulgaria - Katrin Malcheva (abstract) (full text)

An Exploratory Analysis of the Barriers to Implementation of the Revenue Management in Upscale Hotel Restaurants in Vienna - Iryna Andrukh (full text)

Training and security in the aviation industry - Ines Prinz (full text)



Does the republic of Maldives have the capability to handle the growing tourism demand, whereas facing the difficulties of global warning? - Miriam Auer (abstract) (full text)

CSR Policies in the Viennese Hotel Industry - Carolin Brewi (abstract) (full text)

Motivation and Commitment as Strategies to reduce Turnover in seasonal hotels in Austria - Dominique Pisa (abstract) (full text)

Culinary Tourism for Young Adult Travellers and its connection to Destination management - Sabrina Redl (abstract) (full text)

Critical Success Factors and Challenges for Destination Marketing in Ecotourism - Anna Messner (abstract) (full text)

Through the photo-chromic Lens of the Beholder: The Development of the simple Holiday Photography to a Marketing Product - Alicia Maravic (abstract) (full text)

Tutoring and Professional Coaching - same goals but different approaches? An in-depht analysis of the tools used. - Tatjana Klein (abstract) (full text)

How does organizational culture influence the performance of luxury hotels based on the example of the Ritz-­?Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C.? - Nina-Sophie Himmer (abstract) (full text)

Decision Making through online reviews : Critical Factors for travelers of selecting a destination before traveling. - Cem Meric (abstract) (full text)

The Importance of Social Media and their Contribution to the Marketing of Sport Events - Marina Bartoletti (abstract) (full text)



What makes Southeast Asia attractive to young European backpackers? - Lisa Betteridge              (abstract) (full text)  

„To E or not To Be“ Amazon's Role in the retail industry - Nicole Bluschke (abstract) (full text)       

Loyalty Programs – Analysing Luxury Hotels in Vienna - Nicole Börner (abstract) (full text)  

How would a growth in medical tourism affect Austria? - Michelle Granda (abstract) (full text)  

Austria 360°: An exploratory study of user experience on tourism virtual reality application - Dennis Pregesbauer (abstract) (full text)

Rural Tourism in Ivano-Frankivsk Region - Iryna Romaniuk (abstract) (full text)  

The impact of media during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on the destination image of Vienna - Matthias Schwindl (abstract) (full text)

People’s Perceptions and Behavior towards Destinations that have been affected by TerrorismViktoria Welledits (full text)

Factors affecting branded posts’ popularity and fan page engagement - Magdalena Zudrell (abstract) (full text)  

Wine Tourism in South Tyrol - Isabelle Zuegg (abstract) (full text)



Students' Travel Behavior and Induced Tourism: Do Film Sets and Movie Locations Attract Young Travelers? - Doris Blaha (abstract) (full text)

Effects of Perceived Terrorism Risk on the Travel Decision to Jammu and Kashmir - Sonja Fresacher (full text)

Tourism Providers' Engagement and Willingness to Adapt to and Mitigate Climate Change with a Focus on Skiing Areas - Julia Heigl (full text)

Motivators for Going on Holiday, with Principle Focus on Extreme Sport - Vanessa Hooper (full text)

Sustainable Hotel Practices and its Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior - A Comparison between Vienna and Hong Kong - Susanne Klepsch and Julia Schneider (full text)

The Value of a Sommelier to a Company - Thomas Kuchling (full text)

Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Approach to Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Business Strategy - Marthissa Maerz (full text)

Commmodification and Culture - How Can Culture be Economically Used Without Selling it Out - Natascha Pröschel (full text)

Pre-Opening in Hotels, its Challenges, Difficulties and Solutions: A Qualitative Study with a Focus on the Kempinski Hotels SA - Petra Tominz (full text)

Consumer Decisionmaking Behavior in the Airline Industry: Focus on the Emirates', Austrian, Slovakian, and Hungarian Leisure Markets - Robert Wilfing (full text)

Exploiting the Opportunities Arising Out of Social Media-A Case Study of Hotels in Vienna - Ana Vidovic (full text)



Business Succession in Austrian Family Owned and Operated Hotels - Simon Hala (abstract) (full text)

Mobile Development in the Tourism Industry - and its impact on today's travel behavior - Moritz Christian (abstract) (full text)

Forecasting tourism demand for Austrian attractions - Petra Fallmann (abstract) (full text)

The importance of destination branding and rebranding fo the tourism industry. A case study on "The Islands of Tahiti" - Valerie Sedlmayer (abstract) (full text)

Using social media by the "new" Chinese tourists travelling through Europe - Yajiao Tatia Shi (abstract) (full text)

Role of social media in Generation Y travellers' travel decision making process: A grounded theory approach - Angelika Beham (abstract) (full text)

Open Innovation Platforms by Tourists Boards: How useful is it? - Patricia Neamtu and Victoria Weber (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the importance of sensual triggers in the creation of a holistic customer service experience and behavior - Vera Wanivenhaus (abstract) (full text)

"The king is dead, long live the king": when a low-cost carrier becomes the national airline - Barnabas Szebeni (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Social Media on Revenue Management in Hotels - Anna Maria Beneder (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Food for Tourists from Generations X and Y: A Comparison - Melissa Graf (abstract) (full text)

Suggestions to Reduce Turnover by Analyzing the Austrian Touristic Labour Market - Anja Bednarik (abstract) (full text)



Perceived Fairness of RM - Jona Lacka (abstract) (full text)

How Strong does a defect of the core or supplementary service influence customer satisfaction? - Clara Mayer (abstract) (full text)

Political Violence and its Consequences for Tourism in Israel - Nina Nawara (abstract) (full text)

A Study into the Motivations for Participation in Environmental Certification Schemes by the Tourist Accomodation Sector - David Leonard (abstract) (full text)

Short Feasibility Study for a Hotel Project in the Luxury Segment in Vienna, Austria - Sandra Gramann (abstract) (full text)

Feasibility Study for a Hotel Project in Luanda, Angola - Valerie Nigl (abstract) (full text)

Safety and Security in Tourism - Martin Neumayer (abstract) (full text)

Affiliate Marketing: A Case Study of Ticket Express - Stefan Schwarz (abstract) (full text)

The Lobby as a Living Room: What Interior Design Innovations and Products do Luxury Hotels Implement to Attract Guests to their Lobby? - Roxane Braun (abstract) (full text)

Customer Value of Purchasable Supplementary Services in the Context of a European Full-Service Network Carrier - Edward Rowley



How does wine tourism influence the development of a wine bar in Bolzano - Franziska Kuenberg (abstract) (full text)

Augmented Reality and the Tourist Experience - David Wagner (abstract) (full text)

Social Entrepreneurship: Business Models and Earned Income Strategies - Sebastian Ferrari (abstract) (full text)

Economical Impacts of Olympic Games: The Analysis of Four Case Studies - Thais Petrenko (abstract) (full text)

Components of the travel experience that contribute to a luxury destination branding - by the case of Vienna - Catherine Latzenhofer (abstract) (full text)

The role of advertising in image projection-the case of Dr. Oetker - Lisa Gschaider (abstract) (full text)

Benefits of employee empowerment for service quality and job satisfaction in the hospitality industry - Julia Baumgartner (abstract) (full text)

Domestic travelers' percieved destination image of Shanghai - Lisa Zhang (abstract) (full text)

Development of a four star hotel in the Bavarian Altmühl Valley - Anna-Lena Listl (abstract) (full text)

Tourists' motivations for engaging in dark tourism - Case study of Apartheid memorials in South Africa - Barbara Deutsch (abstract) (full text)

Stakeholders' Perspectives on Tourism Development: The case of Eidenberg - Marlies Haider (abstract) (full text)

Influences of Social Media on the tourism and hospitality industry - Ioana Alexandra Benea (abstract) (full text)

Revenue Management in the individual Hotel Business - Julian Mayer (abstract) (full text)

Influence of Branding on Consumer Behavior: Case of Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna - Farah Makki (abstract) (full text)

Awareness and Perceptio of Green Meetings and Events among Austrian Companies - Nina Zitz (abstract) (full text)



Choice of stereotypes and styles used for the Marketing Strategy of Serbia - Aleksandra Tanackovic (abstract) (full text)

Customers' Perception of the Complain Handling Process through Blogs - Jessica Buttini and Monique Silva (abstract) (full text)

Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on US and International Tourism Development - Veronika Bysyuk (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Wars and Terrorism on Tourism in Lebanon - Fabio Vilela da Silva Neto and Jad Harb (abstract) (full text)

Perception and acceptance of alternative therapies in Austrian thermal SPAs and health resorts - Julia Kaippel (abstract) (full text)

F&B Supply in Tourism Sight Locations - development of an ideal F&B product with the methodology of conjoint analysis. Case Study: Tourism Sight Location Kahlenberg - Sandra Staniek and Gloria Schneider (abstract) (full text)

Gay-Friendly Vienna--NOW OR NEVER - Julia Unterscheider (abstract) (full text)

Subjective well-being of Tourists over the course of holidays - Yan Wang (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing Weaknesses of Questionnaires by Cognitive Testing - Ines Zimmerman (abstract) (full text)

Destination Marketing--Different Approaches to Enhance the Image of Kahlenberg - Ines Leitsoni and Sophie Buchacher (abstract) (full text)

Revenue Management in the Wine Industry - Fabienne Hamberg (abstract) (full text)




Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis using Rapidminer - Parishek Singh Chauhan (abstract) (full text)

Customer Relationship Management: analyzing differences of complaint management processes and procedures within the hotel environment: an investigation of differences between hotelgroups, individually/privately/family-owned hotels and non-classified Lifestyle hotels within the luxury industry- Victoria Finger (abstract) (full text)

Organizational Culture: A Link to High Performance – Nina Kollárová (abstract) (full text)

How Does Search Advertisement Position Influence Readers' Awareness, Consideration and Willingness to Pay? – Fabian Kostrhon (abstract) (full text)

Perception of the Service in Airlines: A Comparison of Generation X and Generation Y – Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

Human Resource Management in the Music Industry: Chances and Risks of New Platforms such as “SynchronStage” - Andreas Karall (full text)

Pet Care Industry: Business Overview and Opportunities - Serena Ng (abstract) (full text)

Identifying Product Values in the Corporate Sphere and Instilling these Values in Employees - Hubertus Kiesling (abstract) (full text)

To What Extent Does Your Job Influence Your Overall Happiness? - Annika Lange (abstract) (full text)

Change in cultural behaviour within the European Union, due to impact of terroristic activities and the Syrian refugee crisis, Case Study: “Brexit” - Markus Neubrand (full text)

The role of social media in the tourism industry in Austria (How does Austria implement the social media to attract tourists?) - Liana Sabanaeva (abstract) (full text)

Positive economic impact of a Free Trade Zone in the Dominican Republic - Thomas Wagner (abstract) (full text)



Problems of Resale Price Maintenance in the Automotive Industry: Theory and facts in Slovakia - Jakub Hromada (abstract) (full text)  

Intraday trading impact of U.S. economic news on the EUR/USD - Thomas Jandejsek (abstract) (full text)  

Facebook Marketing Analytics of an Automotive Company: A Study of Mercedes-Benz Slovakia - Alexander Kulumbeg (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Loyalty Card Holders and Non-Loyalty Card Holders in the Casinos Austria: A Brand Involvement Perspective - Anna Stoss (abstract) (full text)  

Leadership in Banking during the Financial Crisis in 2008 - Vivian Tsolakis (abstract) (full text)

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