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research grants

Research Grants

The Centre for Sustainability Through Research & Education

CSRE through key partnerships supports MODUL community researchers, external local and global researchers in pursuing research activities, projects and innovations that are aligned with the Centre's mission, strategy and activities. All applicant must follow and be eligible for the Research Project Approval Guidelines. 


Guided by the ideals of a The Humboldtian Model of Higher Education where study should be guided by humanistic ideals and free thought

Influenced by the economic theories that have become centerpieces of modern economic and business analysis

Overcome the institutionalized separation between basic research, which is dedicated to producing knowledge without regard to its usability, and applied research, which is carried out with a conscious view on its direct applicability in our daily lives.


Research Project Approval Guidelines

Action on proposals shall be taken within 30 days of their submission before granting approval. Each research project must receive prior approval by the Head of Research Center before the research project can begin. The Head calls the Research Project Approval Committee (RPAC) to convene and discuss proposals. The RPAC consists of a full professor faculty member, who will chair the committee, one associate professor faculty member, two qualified faculty members from the same discipline as the submitted research project. By majority vote, the committee communicates a written recommendation to the Head of Research Center to approve or reject the project. The Head may waive specific requirements requested by the committee if found to be in the best interest to the University, without putting at risk the research project and the concerned investigator(s) and participants. The Head of Research Center sends a written notification of the final decision to the investigator(s) who submitted the research proposal.

Any proposed changes to the research project must be submitted to the RPAC for additional review and approval by the Head before any modifications are implemented. Once a research project has been approved, any further changes are subject to the approval of the Head of Research Center.


  • Are the objectives of this project suitably ambitious?
  • Is the project manageable within a determined project duration?
  • Is it clear how the project relates to previous research work in this field?
  • Does the proposal demonstrate that there is a feasible and coherent plan of work?
  • Are the methods proposed for the research clear and appropriate?
  • Does the proposal reflect a sound understanding of these methods, including their limitations?
  • Do the design and conduct of this research raise any issues in relation to ethics and health and safety, and are they dealt with satisfactorily in the proposal?
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