sustainable tourism

sustainable tourism

The Centre for Sustainability Through Research & Education

CSRE focuses on sustainable tourism as one of its main strategies in building the economists of the present and the future. The UN’s World Tourism Organisation or UNWTO declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and kicked it off by listing 5 key areas that would benefit from a stronger worldwide focus on sustainable tourism practices.  With such dedication and attention from the global community on the link between sustainability , tourist and travel, and the eco-systems visited; sustainable tourism is not a trend - but rather a true evolution of mindful living and travel influencing the rise of sustainable industries across the hospitality and tourism verticals. 


Guided by the ideals of a The Humboldtian Model of Higher Education where study should be guided by humanistic ideals and free thought

Influenced by the economic theories that have become centerpieces of modern economic and business analysis

Overcome the institutionalized separation between basic research, which is dedicated to producing knowledge without regard to its usability, and applied research, which is carried out with a conscious view on its direct applicability in our daily lives.


Sustainable Tourism


Tourism generated
over US$7.6 trillion
globally and
277 million jobs
(1 out of 11 jobs in the world)
in 2015

jobs icon.svg

Forecasted to generate
over US$328 billion
and to support
7.65 million jobs
in the Middle East
by 2025

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Plays a pivotal role in
diversifying the economies
of the region from commodities
to services and industry

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