MODUL University Dubai is the first internationally accredited Austrian university in the Middle East

    Founded on the 20th October 1908, the MODUL brand stands for more than 100 years of excellence in education. The renowned MODUL Tourism College, the forerunner of MODUL University, possesses the world’s longest tradition in tourism & hospitality education.

    MODUL University Vienna offers graduation ceremonies for its graduates to help them celebrate the completion of their studies. It is not only a day for making memorable photographs but also for thanking families, relatives, and friends for their support and encouragement.

    All MU Graduation Ceremonies have a festive format and take place in the Auditorium Maximum of MODUL University Vienna. Academic commencement ceremonies are offered for graduates from the Undergraduate School (Bachelor students) and from the Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Professional School (Master and PhD students). A prominent key note speaker is always invited to speak at each of these formal events, and music is provided by the MU Choir and a live band. After the ceremony, MU invites graduating students and their guests to a reception.

    A professional photographer is available during the entire ceremony and pictures can be ordered after the event.

    The Next Graduation Ceremonies

    The next Graduation Ceremonies will be held on the following dates:

    July 12 and July 13, 2018

    Venue of the Graduation Ceremonies: MODUL University Vienna (Am Kahlenberg 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria)

    Graduating in Absentia

    If you choose not to attend a ceremony, you can graduate in absentia. To do so, you will need to file a request with the Academic Office during office hours to have your certificate and rolled diploma issued.

    Graduation Documents

    Your graduation documents include the certificate (diploma), your final transcripts, and a diploma supplement.

    Transcripts, diploma supplements and diploma copies are free of charge and will be shipped within Austria via regular mail free of charge. Additional original diplomas are 10 EUR per diploma and will be shipped within Austria via regular mail free of charge. All documents sent abroad (Europe/World) are subject to shipping costs (mail to be sent priority/certified). In order to request a document, please contact the Academic Office.

    Typical Graduation Ceremony


    Welcome Address by the President of MU

    Academic Oath by the students

    Speech (Keynote Speaker)

    Awarding of the Diplomas

    Speech by the Dean

    Student Speeches

    Closing Words by the President of MU

    Gaudeamus Igitur

    MODUL University Vienna’s Anthem

    End of Ceremony


    Academic Oath

    As a MODUL University graduate and a global citizen, I promise:

    I will strive to act with honesty and integrity, oppose all forms of corruption and exploitation, and respect the rights and dignity of all people,

    • I will strive to be an ambassador of sustainable and responsible living,
    • I will embrace change and creativity to foster progress and innovation
    • I will recognize the knowledge of others, but always challenge what people take for granted. 

    As I hold true to these principles, it is my hope that I may enjoy an honourable reputation and peace of conscience. This pledge I make freely and upon my honour.

    Valedictorian Register

    The title Valedictorian is bestowed to a student for having the highest academic record of all graduating students in a particular academic year. The tradition at MODUL University is to record the speeches of all MU Valedictorians for all time in a formal register, which allows them to share their special reflections and make them available for others to read.


    Previous Bachelor Valedictorians:

    Sandra Staniek (BBA THM)

    David Leonard (BBA THM)

    Julia Schneider (BBA THM)

    Sonja Fresacher and Carolin Brewi (BBA THM)

    Sebastian Ferrari (BBA THM)

    Vera Wanivenhaus (BBA THM)

    Thomas Jandejsek (BSc IM)
    Konstantin Charkselani (BBA THM)
    Sophie Neubauer (BBA THO)

    Jennifer Kola (BSc IM)
    Valerie Urdich (BBA THM)
    Valerie Pretscher (BBA THO)


    Previous Master Valedictorians:

    Thomas Lutz (MBA) 
    Alexander Rehbogen (MBA)

    Helene Fritzsche (MBA)
    Hannes Hippacher (MSc)

    Jörg Strauss (MBA)
    David Leonard (MSc)

    Christine Brunner (MBA)
    Shasha Lin (MSc)

    Ian Foster (MBA)
    Nora E. Ron-Pedrique P. (MSc)

    Andreas Glück (MBA)
    Sebastian Ferrari (MSc)

    Boudewijn Bokdam (MBA)
    Nina Zitz (MSc)


    Previous PhD Valedictorians:

    Lidija Lalicic (Salutatorian, PhD)

    MU Cares

    Stewardship is one of MODUL University’s core educational values, and this encompasses creating ambassadors of responsible living. To encourage students in their pursuit of this, MU has created the “MU Cares” program to encourage and recognize active engagement in the form of volunteer work. We believe in today’s world, responsible living and community service is a necessity for securing a peaceful future.

    The university provides opportunities for students to get involved and volunteer with on-and-off campus projects. These projects take form of charity events, as well as, providing support to new incoming or exchange students in adapting to the student life in Vienna and Modul University.

    Upon graduation, students who meet the program requirements, of 50 hours volunteer work, will receive a supplemental merit certificate to their diploma. 

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