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A new way for students to get University-ready in Business, Technical Studies or General Education

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Students of Foundation programme at MODUL University Dubai

MODUL University Dubai has announced a set of pathways for its' renowned Foundation programme. The course is now tailored to students from different streams and curriculum, both - for local and international admissions.

The programme absorbed the typical requirements of students who wish to take a gap year from school to decide on future plans, get practically ready for the university life and without a rush, make a decision on a university, locally or abroad.

The programme features TOP-3 pathways for students: Business, Technical and General Education.

Lynburgh Dacucuy, a programme manager and adviser, said

lynburgh-profile-photoFoundation at MODUL was always a benchmark for students who wished to get proactively ready for university life. Over the years, it has been observed that graduates of this programme are better equipped with soft-skills, general knowledge and better prepared for the practical implications, compared to their peers, and therefore, smoothly transitioning to bachelor classes and succeeding in subjects like Math, Statistics, Accounting, Academic Writing, Economics - typically, the least favorite subjects in high school. 

We, at MODUL, are doing our very best to support students with their ambitions. A range of extra-curricular activities was developed by our team to cover academic and non-academic sides of university life. Master-classes, workshops, student clubs for sport and arts, student counselling – those are all the examples of student-centric approach, it is in our DNA.


A Math lecturer, Maja Aleksic, has pin-pointed the struggles of students:

Maja-AleksicIn the last years of High School, the most of time is dedicated to train students for their final exams. It is a subject for a big debate whenever this approach is more effective for students to explore something new. At MODUL, our priority is to show subjects like Math and Statistics from a different perspective - more of a practical approach, mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning , which would help students to apply hands-on knowledge in daily life, rather than be only ready for a final exam and forget about the same basic principles in a year time.  

In the age of smartphones, AI and developments in IT sector, it is tough to imagine students 50 years from now to be asked to memorize formulas and give an answer on a sheet of paper. I believe that we must prepare students for the ever-changing environment and of teaching them WHAT, teach them HOW to think. Although, we observe the shift in thinking in a number of schools, it is a positive change, however more emphasis on practical implications should be brought in the teaching subjects as well as final exams.

The lectures at university level and classes in schools are completely different by approach, communication and connection with students. For instance,  color-coding strategies are fun and likable by students, but they also provide positive impact on memory and attention. It is important to get oriented with university schedule and activities, put efforts towards self-development and most of all, enjoy the best years of student hood.

MODUL University has also confirmed that all 3 pathways are consistent with the educational goals of many international universities and have up-to-day coverage in the study fields. Practical approach, career-readiness exercises, simulation games and research are at the core of the curriculum.

An exclusive study grant offers is available for the September 2019 intake to mark the year of Tolerance and commitment towards sustainable development of the country and its residents.

For more information on the foundation programme, click here: https://www.modul.ac.ae/foundation

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 16 May 2019

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