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How Foundation makes a difference to the students, answered by professors.


With a Fall intake approaching, and exam results being published by most of the schools, our faculty addresses fresh applicants with few important points related to their future.

MODUL University Dubai introduced Foundation Programme several years ago to provide a unique opportunity for students to become well-prepared for a university life and make an informative decision on their admissions, locally or abroad.

MODUL’s programme features TOP-3 pathways for the students: Business, Technical and General Education, which allow students to continue their undergraduate studies in international universities and business schools.

Our faculty members, Dr. Jacinta Dsilva and Mr. Edward da Cunha shared their vision of the Foundation Programme and outlines its’ importance for high school students;

What is the Foundation Programme?

Dr. Jacinta Silva:

At MODUL, I teach Introduction to Business Administration and Principles of Economics. Quite challenging subjects for a fresh high school grad, but very necessary for a global citizen and ambitious applicant. The Foundation Programme is typically a one-year pre-university course, which consists of quite a few subjects. It is a great option to study courses not taken during school years or enhance your knowledge in fields which are required by the university admissions globally. Some of the pathways also include a mandatory certification, equivalent to a high school completion, to allow global recognition of the student qualification.

Edward da Cunha:

This is a programme designed to equip potential university students with the tools they will need not only to succeed in a university´s field of study but in fact to excel because they will acquire the understanding and the skills which many high school graduates lack when they go straight into a bachelor programme. In other words, Foundation students will have the proper preparation for the ‘adult life’ that only a Foundation programme can offer.

Important questions Parents ask about the Foundation Year

Why do your students choose to register in the Foundation programme?

Dr. Jacinta Silva:

The university life is challenging and our foundation programme provides a great fundament for excelling in higher education as well as removing the social pressure from the students, who are not yet ready to make an impactful decision to progress to the undergraduate studies.

At times, students do not have the qualification, grades or motivation to move directly into an International Bachelor degree, and this programme supports them by providing required knowledge and skills, something, what they would not learn at school level.

Edward da Cunha:

High School graduates often lack the skills required to succeed with entry-level bachelor degree programmes. This lack of skills may be generally caused by lack of motivation, a different educational background or might be specific to a student´s weakness in a subject such as math or English language. The Foundation programme is designed to address these issues and therefore Foundation students will have a clear advantage over their peers who do not follow such a preparation programme.

The Foundation programme also allows the students time to discover which subject areas truly interest them and where they believe they will excel. This is true because the programme will give students an introduction to a variety of subjects contained in majors offered at a undergraduate level as well as exposure to a university-style of teaching which means analytical creative and problem-solving rather than just a methodology focused on memorizing for the test as is often practiced in high schools. Finally, as psychological importance, students will already be fully adapted for the university life and will not face any disadvantage when they begin their bachelor degree.

What makes it different at MODUL?

Dr. Jacinta Silva:

Business Administration and Principles of Economics are relatively new subjects for our students, which got very pleasant feedback in their pathway into the undergraduate studies. We introduced class activities such as business games, interactive projects, Think Tanks and presentations along with challenging questions from fellow students. We discuss questions about government budgets, economic growth and stability. But mainly, the way how we make a difference for our students, is by listening to them and exploring out-of-the-box thinking and practical appliance of received knowledge to the real world scenario.

Edward da Cunha:

This is a personal question. Teaching can be seen as art. It is more than just having the material and the exercises and the activities. It is interaction. It is energy. It is the atmosphere created in the classroom. The teaching must be engaging. The learning must be challenging. It must involve the learners so that they have the opportunity to be creative and to express themselves. Therefore, they must take some ownership and be allowed to participate. The instructor and the learners in a way become partners on the road towards achieving the learning outcomes together almost as equals, and it is this the point which makes the Austrian democratic approach to education so unique at Modul Uni and possibly unique in Dubai.

The three pathways are consistent with the educational goals of many international universities and have up-to-day coverage in the study fields. Practical approach, career-readiness exercises, simulation games and research are at the core of the curriculum.

For a limited time MODUL University is offering an exclusive study grant for the September 2019 intake up to of AED 10,000 for the entire programme*. To check your eligibility and confirm a seat on the programme, kindly inquire here.

For more information on the foundation programme, click here.

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Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 14 Aug 2019

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