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How to Attract Students with Travel Packages?

The research reveals 3 most popular destinations for the students: Georgia, Armenia and Morocco. 

The Department of Tourism and Service Management, as a part of the Tourism Capstone Project course, thought by Dr. Ana Stranjancevic has organized a student competition to present a cost-effective and attractive travel package for Millennials located in Dubai.

The research of the undergraduate teams has found three locations which might be of the most interest to Dubai students. The judging panel was created with the academic leadership of MODUL University Dubai and fellow student representatives from both Tourism and Business streams.

The capstone project is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum and focuses on finding creative solutions for the contemporary market. This research based on empirical methods, in-depth interviews and extensive literature review alongside with presentations can be used by the travel companies as a foundation to create an affordable and attractive solution for the fast-rising niche in the tourism market in Dubai.

The destination, which would attract Millennials in Dubai, should be affordable, adventurous, represent heritage and importance to the global community. As the awareness for sustainable tourism is becoming more active within the new generations, it is vital to acknowledge its’ value and the students’ recognition of their impact on sustainable travel and the planet overall.

The panel of judges included Prof. Jorg Finsinger, Academic Head and Dr. Ana Stranjancevic, Program Director for Tourism and Hospitality, as well as BBA students Chris Bedoyan and Suranjan Paulraj and BSc students Abdul Aalim and Fakhrior Jamoliddinov.

The panel has voted and nominated the following capstone projects for the best representation of Design Destination:

3rd place: Imperial Cities – Morocco (Rania Eldebri, Iktiyor Turgunbaev)

capstone project with ana 2019 photos-23

2nd place: Spring Adrenaline – Armenia (Delara Talebi, Sultan Al Samsi, Sameep Parekh, Anjali Bhattarai)

capstone project with ana 2019 photos-27

1st place: Explore yourself – Georgia (Alina Beisembayeva, Aelita Urazayeva, Yousuf Tulefat)

capstone project with ana 2019 photos-26

Partners of MODUL University Dubai have arranged special prizes for participants of the capstone competition.

Dubai’s Media One Hotel awarded MODULians with a weekend stay and dinner arrangement, Two Seasons Hotel provided entertaining and recreational access to the participants.

MODUL's partners have encouraged students to continue their efforts in exploring the Tourism & Hospitality industry. Furthermore, these partners will have insight access to the research projects to tailor their offerings to this market segment.

MODUL University Dubai expresses gratitude to sustainable brands for its’ continuous support and impact in higher education of the new generation of hospitality leaders.

Access the full gallery here: https://www.modul.ac.ae/gallery/events/capstone-project-2019

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 17 Jun 2019

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