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TOP 11 industries with highest ROI on talent development. Are you in?

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At times HR and L&D leaders may find it difficult coming across innovative ideas for employee development and how to develop content that offers practical know-how but that is also tailored for the UAE market.

Training talent, be it in-house or outsourced, can be adamant – online solutions cannot guarantee effective results and engagement of team members; small consultancies often don’t specialize in your industry, training content is not applicable; large consultancies and auditory firms often put high price tags, and hence it is no longer feasible to develop talent.

Customizing content to specific company requirements is a necessity to train talent in Dubai – which leads us to bespoke training. As per our research the following 11 industries are benefiting the most from tailored training programs in Dubai.

1. Automotive

2. Banking


4. IT

5. Retail

6. Hospitality

7. Tourism

8. Aviation

9. Food & Beverage

10. Healthcare

11. Real Estate

We believe that training needs to be interactive, relevant and delivered with tangible results. We have answered the most common questions from the above industries to see why their training development is so successful.

When do you see the positive changes in talent development?

The ROI of any programme is being assessed continuously during the training and within a certain period after completion of the training; Each programme has customized goals and timelines, but it is common to see the changes in team members' thinking, their application of learnt tools immediately after the training. It is required to closely monitor the changes like employee productivity, effectiveness, impact on company culture - in order to see the full picture of your team progress.

Why these 11 industries? What about ...?

The 11 industries are the highest employers on the market and require the most human-to-human interaction, which, in the right environment, breeds to company integrity, trust, as a result - more satisfied customers and growing potential on the market. Other industries can benefit from bespoke training, too - learn more how by inquiring with us.

How to design a course for your organization?

You don't have to. The major part of the course planning will be designed by MODUL's experienced professional trainers and professors from the university. They are all industry practitioners who precisely know the ins and outs.

However, before any course is designed we need you to specify the requirements and outcomes of the course, company background, target audience and current level of proficiency of the team members.

Is there a preset list of training courses to choose?

We compiled a list of the most operative training and development courses for various employee levels for the above mentioned industries. See the sample training, which you can tailor to your company through memberships with MODUL:

Training for C-suit Executives

• Sustainable Development

• Innovation & Intrapreneurship

• Executive Leadership

Training for Head of Departments

• Competitive Analysis & Strategy

• Finance for Non-Finance professionals

• Data Collection & Analysis

• Creating Positive Impact in Investing & Finance

• Social Media Intelligence

• Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Training for HR Professionals

• Organization Behaviour

Training for Business Development Managers

• Certification in Business Development (level: Expert)

• Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

• Marketing Management in the Digital Age

Training for employees at all levels

• Presentation Skills

• Communication Gap

• Team Building

• Cross-Cultural Management

Training for Hospitality professionals

• Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

• Strategic Marketing for Destination

• Forecasting & Benchmarking for Hotels

Did you not find yourself on this list? Get in touch with our team for Professional Education to assess your company requirements and get further details to enhance your team’s performance.

More details on trainers, solutions and research, see here:


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Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 20 May 2019

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