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Why take internship in summer if you are a high school student?

Summer Internship Academy 2019 - visit www.modul.ac.ae/summer-internship-academy

Every summer, hundreds of universities’ and high school’s students are applying for an internship or job shadowing opportunities to experience the real work environment and gain practical skills required to understand the career prospects.

Although not every internship will be a successful experience if the student is not familiar with business etiquette, data management, corporate culture, and other fundamental knowledge which each employer is expecting from their interns.

Nikola Kovacevic, account manager for professional education at MODUL’s manages corporate relations and communication with external partners and evaluates trends in Dubai’s market:

"One of the issues that companies experience with interns is their attitude to work, confidence level and practical skills. At MODUL’s Summer Internship Academy students will spend their time dedicated towards internships by learning new soft skills that can directly be applied for their career. This idea is to provide students with a practical solution and have them ready for their job placement beforehand."

Jasmina Locke, a Programme Development Director at MODUL, highlights the program’s most essential takeaways for high school students:

"The Summer Internship Academy is ideal for young students in transition from a high-school environment to universities, internships or the workplace. The academy programme provides a future intern with a distinct advantage over their peers when applying and interviewing for their first job.There are many skills that don’t get taught in an academic setting, yet are extremely important for the future of every your adult. When we were in the process of designing the course, we placed special emphasis on the development of core soft-skills, an essential element that future employers increasingly demand. Each course is highly personalized, such that after extensive theory and practice, our instructors assess each student, providing individual feedback to improve their performance."

Ahmed El Mahdy, the course leader, shares some of the parents most common questions and answers them:

Do we write CVs for students? No, students will be taught the techniques to develop their CV and will be required to submit it for assessment and feedback.
Is the course a lecture? Wouldn’t students get bored sitting all day? MODUL embraces experiential learning philosophy. The mode of study for this program is just like our academic courses – only required theory, most of their time will be dedicated to practical examples and business games & challenges – to make the learning process easy, fun and effective.
Are the students taking the actual internship within the course? Yes, they will be offered a 3-day placement in one of the departments like HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, or Admin based on their performance within the course. At the end of their internship, they will receive an Internship Letter mentioning their assigned tasks.
My son is interested in pursuing Engineering/ Computer Science. How this Programme will help him? As an engineer, he will eventually work with the corporate world as well. He will then need to gain knowledge of business etiquette, enhance his soft skills for effective communication with other departments, and be ready for the corporate environment. The academy will be his jump-start.
Would this two weeks training make any difference? Some of the participants of the course describe it as ‘life before and after.’ Consider this time as an investment in your foundation for career development, not only towards admissions into a bachelor degree program. During the future job interview process, the graduates of SIA can refer to their experience in the internship and training, which would add value to their profiles.
Will they get a certificate at the end? Yes. After successfully completing the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion and an Internship letter with their assigned tasks during their internship.
Who are the trainers? SIA has 4 trainers in different sessions. Each trainer has an immersive experience in the field and required the academic background to develop talent. Read more about our trainers on SIA page.
Who qualifies? Students who are motivated, dedicated, and interested in developing themselves and their careers. All participants should have passed grade 9 in high school.

At a glance, there are four components of this 2-week training: the training course, profile development & career coaching sessions, industry visits, and an internship in one of the departments. The expected outcome for participants who complete the Summer Internship Academy is to be ready for their internship, set the goals for their careers, and obtain the skill sets to be successful in any industry. "

This course is scheduled in several sessions during the summer:

Summer Academy Schedule 2019


  • 7 JULY – 18 JULY
  • 28 JULY – 8 AUGUST
  • 18 AUGUST – 29 AUGUST


  • Morning Session: 10AM – 1PM
  • Afternoon Session: 2PM – 5PM

More details on Fees, trainers, course structure see here:


Contact SIA Programme Manager

Ahmed El Mahdy

T: +971 04 5101427

M. +971 52 646 1877

E: ahmed.elmahdy@modul.ac.ae

Posted by MODUL University Dubai on 20 May 2019

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