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International Course in Hospitality Management (ICHM) certificates are based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and the finest education and training are essential for those people seeking the most sought after positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

ICHM — 360° of Service Industry Training

  • Covering the entire value chain of the industry from operations and marketing to finance and management, ICHM sets new standards for excellence in service industry management training in the Middle East.
  • Offering full flexibility for the working professional, ICHM lets you choose the number of modules you want to take on and gives you different certification options that fit both your budget and career goals.



Tuition Fees

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AED 4,735

Certificate of Achievement

Eligibility Criteria

Issued by MODUL University Dubai and the world's leading MODUL Tourism College of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Fluent in English language
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certified hospitality professional in finance


Certificate of Achievement in
Management Accounting in Hospitality

The course program introduces analytical techniques that are essential to taking control of real-world accounting systems and managing finance towards increased profits effectively.

Course Highlights

Accounting Basics
In the first part of the module, accounting basics are discussed and key characteristics are identified in analyzing financial transactions.

Uniform Systems of Accounts for Hotels
Trainees are introduced to the (USAH) – they receive an overview of the system and are given an explanation of why it makes sense to work with a standardized system.

Economic law
In the third part of the module, international and national laws and regulations that play an important role for the controller of a hotel are introduced.

Performance Management
Trainees learn how to look critically at the operation and results of financial statements including how to interpret them. There are further discussions on the model of the balanced scorecard and how it aids the success of an operation.

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Certificate of Achievement in
Financial Control in Hospitality

The controlling function inside an organisation is vital for turning a static organisation into a dynamic and learning organisation. As such the role of controlling is to consult on how to improve performance. The module includes the role of a controller as well as its effects/benefits for the organisation.

The balanced scorecard approach is used as the model to explore the tasks of financial control and performance measurement in other areas. Last, but not least the module includes governance and ethical considerations.

Course Highlights

The Control Function of Management
In the first part of the module the controlling function within an organisation is clarified along with its tasks and responsibilities.

Management control alternatives and their effects
In the second part of this module a resource based view is applied when looking on how control is applied (result vs process control) as well as on whom (action, personnel, culture). Thereby the pros and cons for each alternative are going to be discussed.

Financial results control systems
The structure on financial results control systems are reviewed in a controlling context with the objective to define financial responsibility centers. Based on those centers the planning and budgeting aspect is being considered.

Ethics and situational influences
In this part of the module the trainees examine the impact of control related roles and ethics as well as situational influences. Thereby the organisational context of the controlling function is discussed while focusing on the perceived corporate governance responsibility of leaders in the industry. Management related ethical issues and analysis are also reflected on in the module.

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Certificate of Achievement in
Financial Management in Hospitality

This course teaches financial management procedures and analytical techniques in the context of hospitality decision making.

Course Highlights

Key Characteristics of Financial Management in the Hospitality Industry
The first part of the module consists of an introduction to financial management basics and its relationship to accounting. An overview of the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels (USAH) is given.

Financial Reports and Analysis
The second part of the module deals with preparing year-end financial statements such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Also, the question of how to analyse and interpret those statements will be dealt with.

Budgeting and forecasting for the hospitality industry is highlighted in the third part of the course.

Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis
Capital budgeting and cash flow analysis centers on preparing capital budgets. Trainees are shown how to set up a cash flow statement and how to interpret those figures.

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