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Children - Centered Business Models in Tourism

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Alina Beisembayeva, Daniel Marco-Stefan Kleber

Background – Since 2016, a number of research activities on topics such as children's tourism in Kazakhstan, family tourism in Dubai and children's tourism in Dubai were conducted by the authors. During previous research and based on personal experience in Almaty and Dubai, the authors realized that in these cities, and most probably in these countries, the business model of children camps is different. In addition, the authors identified a diverse understanding of children's tourism

Purpose – The aim of this research is to explain children's tourism, to identify children's tourism products and to compare the business models of Almaty's and Dubai's children camps

Design/methodology/approach – This research is done by analyzing secondary data, collected from diverse sourses in Russian and English languages, which are giving the possibility to analyze the situation from different perspectives and to compare children-centered business models in tourism

Findings – One of the most widespread types of tourism is youth tourism, including schoolchildren, aged 7 to 17 years, who travel under supervision with different goals and objectives. Russian scientists believe that in the future, youth tourism has the potential to become one of the priority directions of tourism development. The economic advantages of this type of tourism can be identified as follows: schoolchildren and students travel usually happens in organized groups, rhythmically repetitive trips from year to year which facilitates business planning

Research limitations – The limitations of this research are that children's tourism is not well explained in English scientific literature, as children's tourism is usually understood as a part of family tourism in the English speaking society. That was also mentioned by previous research on Children-centered tourism. At the same time Russian literature suggests that children's tourism is one of the most important types of tourism because of its sustainable value for future generations. Furthermore, a lack of primary data was identified as an additional limitation

Originality/value – The study of children in tourism is a relatively new endeavor in tourism studies. Usually, tourism research on children mainly focuses on children exploitation or on other negative effects of tourism on the social environment. However, the children-centered approach of tourism must receive more attention as a strategic inclusion and education of generation z will be essential for achieving an increase of sustainable business models and thus an increase of sustainability in the future

Keywords: Children's Tourism, Children's Tourism Products, Children Camps, Value Creation, Business Models

Posted by Alina Beisembayeva, Daniel Marco-Stefan Kleber on May 16, 2019 10:52:08 AM

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