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    Terms and Conditions

    MODUL University Dubai is the first internationally accredited Austrian university in the Middle East

    Founded on the 20th October 1908, the MODUL brand stands for more than 100 years of excellence in education. The renowned MODUL Tourism College, the forerunner of MODUL University, possesses the world’s longest tradition in tourism & hospitality education.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All bank charges are to be borne by the student. When remitting the payment, please ensure to state the full name of the applicant/student and quote the students reference number. Without the reference number, it will not be possible to link your payment to your application.
    • I understand that my application will only be accepted if all the academic conditions are met, and that all original documents have been validated by MODUL’s admissions department;
    • I acknowledge that in case my application has been rejected by the admissions office of MODUL, payments made towards tuition fees will be refunded, however, in case my application has been accepted and I decide to withdraw from the program two (2) weeks after the first day of studies, MODUL reserves the right to keep payments made towards tuition fees and any refund will be in accordance with its refund policy;
    • Registration, visa and health insurance fees are not refundable. The only exception applies to an offshore student who is unsuccessful in obtaining a U.A.E student visa, however, an administrative fee of USD 95 / AED 350 will apply.
    • Additional terms and conditions may apply to students offered scholarships, promotions and/or other incentives;
    • I also acknowledge and understand the Payment Plan and I will ensure payments are made before each installment deadline otherwise I will be subject to financial or academic penalties;
    • Should I require a visa from MODUL University Dubai, I understand that visa applications will be subject to the criteria imposed by the UAE Government laws relating to age, medical, as well as various other factors.
    • I understand that I am expected to sign the Conditional Offer Letter prior to making payments to MODUL.
    • Students of minority age (below 18 years) can sign the Conditional Offer Letter only with the submission of a written consent from their legal representative. If the payer for the Conditional Offer is the legal representative of the student, a separate written consent is not required;
    • *Important: I understand that the Conditional Offer Letter is only valid for the intake commencement date mentioned in the Offer Letter.
    • Should I decide to defer the offer for another intake, the Conditional Offer Letter would be void and my application would be re-assessed only after I email admissions@modul.ac.ae to confirm my request for deferral.
    • I agree to act in accordance with the terms of this Conditional Offer, MODUL’s Student Policy and Code of Conduct.

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